Governor Butch Otter

Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter is serving his first term as Governor of Idaho. He represents all of the people of Idaho. His position as leader of Idaho is very important.

Governor Otter also served in the United States Congress for three terms representing the First District that is now filled by Congressman Bill Sali. Governor Otter was also the Lieutenant Governor of Idaho for four terms and held that position longer than anyone else in Idaho.

Governor Otter has certain duties that he must carry out. He is able to appoint people to be the head of Departments like the Idaho Department of Agriculture. He also appoints people to serve on commissions and boards like the Idaho Wheat Commission, Idaho Barley Commission, and other commissions and boards around the state.

Governor Butch Otter has been very important to Idaho and Agriculture and he is working to keep agriculture going to help support rural communities that depend on agriculture. He was instrumental in helping to keep burning as a tool to help remove bluegrass residue.

Governor Butch Otter was very busy in 2007 with all of the fires burning in Idaho. As Governor, he can call out the National Guard to help fight the fires. Governor Otter and his staff also worked hard to make sure that people, equipment, and supplies were able to be at places where they were needed.



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