Soft White Wheat

Blair Farms raises both spring and winter soft white wheat. Winter wheat provides our operation with the highest yield and economic returns of all of our crops. Our yields can range from an average of 80 bushels on a bad year to 120+ bushels on a good one. Compare that with the average spring wheat yield of 57 bushels.

Both spring and winter wheat are used for the same products and everything that we raise is exported to places around the world. Soft white wheat is used mainly for bakery products other than bread. Examples include pastries, cakes, and cookies. It is also used for cereals, flat breads and crackers

Winter wheat is planted in late September to the middle of October and has to go through a dormancy process called vernalization. Vernalization is a plant's ability to flower or germinate in the spring by exposure to the prolonged cold of winter. The increased growing time is the main factor for the higher yields over spring wheat.

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