Hard Red Spring Wheat (DNS)

Hard red spring wheat is referred to in our area as DNS. DNS stands for Dark Northern Spring and is primarily raised in Montana and North and South Dakota. DNS is a good rotation for us and can be economically good on most years.

To be number one, DNS protein has to be at 14% or higher. This makes for better milling and products that you eat every day like hearth breads, hard & Kaiser rolls, tortillas, hamburger & hot dog buns, English muffins & pizza crusts.

Yields for DNS are similar to soft white spring wheat. Sometimes we do not make protein and can be docked up to $.40 per ¼ of percent. For example: if the protein level was 13% I would be down four quarters or $1.60 per bushel. This amount is taken off of the price the elevator gives. Let’s say that the price at the elevator is $5.00 I would have to take off the $1.60 leaving me with $3.40 price for that wheat.

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