Blair Farms has a small cow/calf operation with 15 momma cows. It is very small when comparing to most operations, but we have some limiting factors such as no summer pasture and a winter feeding area that cannot handle more cows. One bull stays with the cows and calving happens from March to April.

We raise a Limousin/Angus cross which leads to a leaner piece of meat with just the right amount of marbling. The cows are fed hay from October through March most years. If a year is dry we have to supplement their grazing with hay. From April through October they feed on pasture ground. Their grazing is monitored and they are rotated from pasture to pasture upon monitoring their grazing and the forage left. Sometimes a momma will not accept a calf and we need to feed it by hand.

Cows can be very time consuming and usually do not pay their way financially. But we enjoy them and enjoy eating our own meat all year long.

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