Alfalfa has mainly been raised on Blair Farms as a food source for cows and horses. It is high in nutrients and contains the roughage needed to have healthy animals. In 2007 Blair Farms planted alfalfa for seed purposes to see if it could be profitable as in our crop rotation.

In 2011, the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was finished on Roundup Ready alfalfa seed and we are hoping to raise that on our farm to break up possible weed resistance to chemicals. By using different chemicals on crops, this helps us be successful in managing weeds and being good stewards of the land. Alfalfa is also beneficial to the soil because it is a legume and fixes nitrogen.

It is a perennial which means that when it is planted it can grow and be harvested several years before it needs to be taken out. Alfalfa also increases the organic matter in the soil and the tap root breaks up the hard pan to make other crops grow better.

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