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Wildlife plays an important part on our farm and most farms in Idaho and the United States. 75 percent of all wildlife lives on agriculture land. Agriculture land can be farm ground, pasture, grazing land, or forest ground. 75 percent is quite a few birds and animals. There are also fish that reside on agriculture land in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers.

Farmers learn to live with wildlife from small insects to very large moose. Farmers and ranchers enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing different animals moving about their farm and neighboring farms. There are programs from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that farmers and ranchers sign up for to make even more and better habitat for wildlife. People in agriculture also build houses and other structures to make homes for wildlife to live in.

On the Blair’s farm there are insects, birds, snakes, deer, elk, moose, cougar, bobcat, wolves, martin, coyotes, and other animals that either live or pass through. When traveling on the Blair’s farm a person never knows what they will see. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Three Does in Fallow Ground
Buck & Fawn
Buck in Velvet
Cow Elk in Pasture
Cow Elk in Peas
2 Cow Elk in Wheat
Deer Eating Apples
Fawn in Front of House
Mule Deer Doe and Twins
Young Porcupine
Momma Hawk & Juvenile
Rescued Hawk and Idaho Fish & Game Officer
Juvenile Great Horned Owl
Rooster Pheasant
Winter Quail
Elk Damaged Garbanzo Beans


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