The Blair Family

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Family is very important on a farm. Robert’s father, John Blair, placed things of importance like this:


John said, “Family comes first because without family the farm can’t run. Fun comes second because if you are not having fun in what you do you will not do a good job. The farm is last of importance because it can be replaced and the family can’t.”

The Blair family does like to have fun in many different ways. They play games together, they take trips, watch movies, go to sporting events and other things that families in towns do. They also like to work together on the farm. From feeding a calf to going hunting, everything is done with family first.


They also like to have other families over for different things. One such event is carving pumpkins in the shop. The Blair’s raise pumpkins in their garden just to be carved for Halloween. Kids and parents carve the pumpkins and there is a potluck of food for the evening.

New Years Eve is usually spent at the Hardin family’s home. Again there is a potluck of food and cutthroat games of cards are played by the parents and guitar hero and billiards are played by the kids.

The first day of school is always special and a picture has always been taken since Robert started school. This is a fun tradition and it is interesting to see how everyone grows and matures from year to year.

Each year on Easter the Blair’s go to Church and have an Easter Egg Hunt. If the weather is too bad, the eggs are usually left in the shop or the house. In the afternoon the traditional ham dinner is served with family.

Even though our families live apart from each other and
schedules become hectic, the Blair’s always find some time to spend with grandparents.

Hunting and fishing are some other activities we do as a family. Since Dillon passed his Hunter’s Safety Education course, he went hunting for wild turkeys on the family farm. Robert took him out hunting when he was not working in the field or it wasn’t raining.

Sports are a big part in the Blair Family. Robert played basketball one year for the University of Idaho Vandals and at Walla Walla Community College. Rhonda played one year of volleyball at Walla Walla Community College. They both played sports in high school.

There is usually time to play a game of backyard football, basketball in the shop, practice different sports, or hit balls for Bandit the dog. They also like to go golfing as a family and play basketball or volleyball with friends on Sunday nights at the Kendrick High School or Juliaetta Elementary Grade School gyms


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