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Even though the Blair’s live in Rural North Central Idaho, they still find time to make sure that Dillon and Logan are able to participate in activities that kids in towns participate in. This usually involves driving to events from their home.


Like most kids, they like to have fun and Halloween is no exception. Dillon was a mechanic that had some real bad luck and Logan was a demented army dude.  Dean, who works on the farm, helped Dillon out by cutting a wrench in half and welding wire to each end.  He also screwed an old handle onto Dillon’s coveralls and used red spray paint for blood. Everyone gets involved on the farm.


Like most boys, Dillon and Logan like sports. At this time the only extra sports activities are baseball and basketball.

They both played basketball in a Boys & Girls Club league in Lewiston which is an hour from the farm. While the basketball league was still going, Junior High basketball started and there were not enough kids to field 7th grade and 8th grade teams. Dillon and his classmates were moved up to the 7th grade team. Dillon played in the Kendrick Locust Blossom 3-on3 tournament and Logan couldn’t because he was too young. Both boys went to Spokane, Washington to play in the World’s Largest 3-on-3 tournament, Hoopfest. Logan’s team went into the loser’s bracket only to win the losers bracket and win a Loser King tee shirt. Both boys attended a basketball camp in Troy that went from Monday through Friday. They really had fun this year.

The basketball pictures of Dillon and Logan are at Hoopfest. The picture of a basket and grain bins are in Kendrick and shows that agriculture and sports do go together.

Dillon and Logan also played baseball. They started in April and were finished in June. Dillon had a really hectic schedule because he had baseball practice during a couple of weeks that he had basketball games and practice. Dillon was in the Cal Ripken Majors league and mainly played first base and did some pitching. Logan was in the Minors league and pitched and played most positions. Both boys were competing against bigger schools and teams from Moscow.

Piano Lessons

Dillon and Logan both take piano lessons. They have lessons one day a week after school, but the work doesn’t stop there. They practice almost every day. This year the piano teacher thought it would be a good idea for her students to play a duet with a parent. Rhonda learned how to play the piano and played a song with each boy at the recital in June.

Potlatch Ridge Workers 4-H

Dillon and Logan are also involved with 4-H and are members of the Potlatch Ridge Workers 4-H Club. After they have gone through the year and finished their projects, they take them to the Nez Perce County Fair in Lewiston.

Their 4-H Club holds meetings every month and they also have individual project meetings. Dillon was elected as reporter for the club. They hold their meetings at a church in Leland which is the community closest to their farm.

Dillon and Logan took survival as their projects and learned how to make a survival kit, how to make survival candles, and how to properly make a fire in the wilderness. They have to demonstrate in front of their club something they learned about their project.

Their club enters a float in the Kendrick Locust Blossom Festival each year as part of their Community Pride requirement. Each club also has to do a community service project and each kid needs to help out. Dillon and Logan were not able to help on the Club’s project, so they picked trash up instead. As you can see, Dillon and Logan always have fun.

Rewards Program

Instead of candy or money, Dillon and Logan are rewarded for good grades by going on an expedition of their choice. They picked going to the Whitebird Battlefield between Grangeville and Whitebird. They walked through the battlefield sight, learned about Idaho History, and had a good time.

Other Activities

Most activities are based upon an age requirement and Dillon is old enough to participate in them. Dillon and his class spent three days learning about natural resources, forests and animals. Rhonda was one of the chaperones for the trip and they had fun.

Dillon was also old enough to take the Idaho Hunter Safety Course. An instructor came to Juliaetta Elementary during Dillon’s Spring Break to teach the class. People from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game would also be at the meeting. On the final day Dillon and his class mates took a written test and a field test that they had to pass in order to receive their hunting licenses. Dillon had the top score on the test and won a set of binoculars.

Every year the Juliaetta sixth grade class makes a rocket and shoots it off the last week of school. Dillon assembled the rocket at school, but painted it at home. Robert helped Dillon lay out the camouflage color pattern and helped do the stenciling of the USA letters.

Dillon and Logan both attend Vacation Bible School at the Cameron Emmanuel Lutheran Church and Dillon and Rhonda were helpers.

Besides helping out on the farm, there is plenty of time spent doing extra activities. Living in a rural area has its good points and downfalls, but most farm kids participate in many activities.

Extra activities for kids are like farming, there is always something to do. By being active in different projects, clubs, sports, etc, Dillon and Logan are learning how to manage their time which will become very important when they farm full time.



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